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Packages that use PDFStreamEngine
org.apache.pdfbox.examples.util The packages in this package will show how to use the PDFBox util API. 
org.apache.pdfbox.pdfviewer The pdfviewer package contains classes to graphically display information about a PDF document. 
org.apache.pdfbox.pdmodel.font Classes to deal with font functionality in a PDF Document. 
org.apache.pdfbox.util This package contains utility classes that are used by the PDFBox project. 
org.apache.pdfbox.util.operator This package contains implementations of all of the PDF operators. 

Uses of PDFStreamEngine in org.apache.pdfbox.examples.util

Subclasses of PDFStreamEngine in org.apache.pdfbox.examples.util
 class PrintImageLocations
          This is an example on how to get the x/y coordinates of image locations.
 class PrintTextLocations
          This is an example on how to get some x/y coordinates of text.

Uses of PDFStreamEngine in org.apache.pdfbox.pdfviewer

Subclasses of PDFStreamEngine in org.apache.pdfbox.pdfviewer
 class PageDrawer
          This will paint a page in a PDF document to a graphics context.

Uses of PDFStreamEngine in org.apache.pdfbox.pdmodel.font

Subclasses of PDFStreamEngine in org.apache.pdfbox.pdmodel.font
 class Type3StreamParser
          This class will handle creating an image for a type 3 glyph.

Uses of PDFStreamEngine in org.apache.pdfbox.util

Subclasses of PDFStreamEngine in org.apache.pdfbox.util
 class PDFHighlighter
          Highlighting of words in a PDF document with an XML file.
 class PDFImageWriter
          This class will take a PDF document and strip out all of the text and ignore the formatting and such.
 class PDFMarkedContentExtractor
          This is an stream engine to extract the marked content of a pdf.
 class PDFText2HTML
          Wrap stripped text in simple HTML, trying to form HTML paragraphs.
 class PDFTextStripper
          This class will take a pdf document and strip out all of the text and ignore the formatting and such.
 class PDFTextStripperByArea
          This will extract text from a specified region in the PDF.

Uses of PDFStreamEngine in org.apache.pdfbox.util.operator

Fields in org.apache.pdfbox.util.operator declared as PDFStreamEngine
protected  PDFStreamEngine OperatorProcessor.context
          The stream engine processing context.

Methods in org.apache.pdfbox.util.operator that return PDFStreamEngine
protected  PDFStreamEngine OperatorProcessor.getContext()
          Get the context for processing.

Methods in org.apache.pdfbox.util.operator with parameters of type PDFStreamEngine
 void OperatorProcessor.setContext(PDFStreamEngine ctx)
          Set the processing context.

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