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Packages that use COSVisitorException
org.apache.pdfbox This package holds executable classes that interact with the PDFBox application. 
org.apache.pdfbox.cos These are the low level objects that make up a PDF document. 
org.apache.pdfbox.examples.fdf These are examples that use the FDF features of a PDF document. 
org.apache.pdfbox.examples.pdmodel These examples show how to use the classes in the PDModel package. 
org.apache.pdfbox.examples.persistence These examples will show how to use the persistence features of the PDFBox. 
org.apache.pdfbox.pdfwriter This is the persistence layer used to write the PDFBox documents to a stream. 
org.apache.pdfbox.pdmodel The PDModel package represents a high level API for creating and manipulating PDF documents. 
org.apache.pdfbox.pdmodel.common High level PD classes that are used throughout several packages are placed in the PDModel common package. 
org.apache.pdfbox.pdmodel.fdf The fdf package will handle all of the logic used for FDF objects inside of the PDF/FDF document. 
org.apache.pdfbox.util This package contains utility classes that are used by the PDFBox project. 

Uses of COSVisitorException in org.apache.pdfbox

Methods in org.apache.pdfbox that throw COSVisitorException
static void Overlay.main(String[] args)
          This will overlay a document and write out the results.

Uses of COSVisitorException in org.apache.pdfbox.cos

Methods in org.apache.pdfbox.cos that throw COSVisitorException
 Object COSString.accept(ICOSVisitor visitor)
          visitor pattern double dispatch method.
abstract  Object COSBase.accept(ICOSVisitor visitor)
          visitor pattern double dispatch method.
 Object COSFloat.accept(ICOSVisitor visitor)
          visitor pattern double dispatch method.
 Object COSBoolean.accept(ICOSVisitor visitor)
          visitor pattern double dispatch method.
 Object COSInteger.accept(ICOSVisitor visitor)
          visitor pattern double dispatch method.
 Object COSObject.accept(ICOSVisitor visitor)
          visitor pattern double dispatch method.
 Object COSDictionary.accept(ICOSVisitor visitor)
          visitor pattern double dispatch method.
 Object COSNull.accept(ICOSVisitor visitor)
          visitor pattern double dispatch method.
 Object COSStream.accept(ICOSVisitor visitor)
          visitor pattern double dispatch method.
 Object COSName.accept(ICOSVisitor visitor)
          visitor pattern double dispatch method.
 Object COSArray.accept(ICOSVisitor visitor)
          visitor pattern double dispatch method.
 Object COSDocument.accept(ICOSVisitor visitor)
          visitor pattern double dispatch method.
 Object ICOSVisitor.visitFromArray(COSArray obj)
          Notification of visit to Array object.
 Object ICOSVisitor.visitFromBoolean(COSBoolean obj)
          Notification of visit to boolean object.
 Object ICOSVisitor.visitFromDictionary(COSDictionary obj)
          Notification of visit to dictionary object.
 Object ICOSVisitor.visitFromDocument(COSDocument obj)
          Notification of visit to document object.
 Object ICOSVisitor.visitFromFloat(COSFloat obj)
          Notification of visit to float object.
 Object ICOSVisitor.visitFromInt(COSInteger obj)
          Notification of visit to integer object.
 Object ICOSVisitor.visitFromName(COSName obj)
          Notification of visit to name object.
 Object ICOSVisitor.visitFromNull(COSNull obj)
          Notification of visit to null object.
 Object ICOSVisitor.visitFromStream(COSStream obj)
          Notification of visit to stream object.
 Object ICOSVisitor.visitFromString(COSString obj)
          Notification of visit to string object.

Uses of COSVisitorException in org.apache.pdfbox.examples.fdf

Methods in org.apache.pdfbox.examples.fdf that throw COSVisitorException
static void SetField.main(String[] args)
          This will read a PDF file and set a field and then write it the pdf out again.

Uses of COSVisitorException in org.apache.pdfbox.examples.pdmodel

Methods in org.apache.pdfbox.examples.pdmodel that throw COSVisitorException
 void CreateBlankPDF.create(String file)
          This will create a blank PDF and write the contents to a file.
 void ImageToPDF.createPDFFromImage(String file, String image)
          create the second sample document from the PDF file format specification.
 void AddImageToPDF.createPDFFromImage(String inputFile, String image, String outputFile)
          Add an image to an existing PDF document.
 void ShowColorBoxes.doIt(String file)
          create the second sample document from the PDF file format specification.
 void EmbeddedFiles.doIt(String file)
          create the second sample document from the PDF file format specification.
 void HelloWorld.doIt(String file, String message)
          create the second sample document from the PDF file format specification.
 void UsingTextMatrix.doIt(String message, String outfile)
          creates a sample document with some text using a text matrix.
 void CreateLandscapePDF.doIt(String message, String outfile)
          creates a sample document with a landscape orientation and some text surrounded by a box.
 void AddMessageToEachPage.doIt(String file, String message, String outfile)
          create the second sample document from the PDF file format specification.
 void HelloWorldTTF.doIt(String file, String message, String fontfile)
          create the second sample document from the PDF file format specification.
 void HelloWorldType1AfmPfb.doIt(String file, String message, String fontfile)
          create the second sample document from the PDF file format specification.
 void ReplaceString.doIt(String inputFile, String outputFile, String strToFind, String message)
          Locate a string in a PDF and replace it with a new string.
static void CreateBlankPDF.main(String[] args)
          This will create a blank document.

Uses of COSVisitorException in org.apache.pdfbox.examples.persistence

Methods in org.apache.pdfbox.examples.persistence that throw COSVisitorException
 void CopyDoc.doIt(String in, String out)
          This will perform the document copy.
 void WriteDecodedDoc.doIt(String in, String out)
          This will perform the document reading, decoding and writing.

Uses of COSVisitorException in org.apache.pdfbox.pdfwriter

Methods in org.apache.pdfbox.pdfwriter that throw COSVisitorException
protected  void COSWriter.doWriteBody(COSDocument doc)
          This will write the body of the document.
 void COSWriter.doWriteObject(COSBase obj)
          This will write a COS object.
protected  void COSWriter.doWriteTrailer(COSDocument doc)
          This will write the trailer to the PDF document.
 Object COSWriter.visitFromArray(COSArray obj)
          visitFromArray method comment.
 Object COSWriter.visitFromBoolean(COSBoolean obj)
          visitFromBoolean method comment.
 Object COSWriter.visitFromDictionary(COSDictionary obj)
          visitFromDictionary method comment.
 Object COSWriter.visitFromDocument(COSDocument doc)
          The visit from document method.
 Object COSWriter.visitFromFloat(COSFloat obj)
          visitFromFloat method comment.
 Object COSWriter.visitFromInt(COSInteger obj)
          visitFromFloat method comment.
 Object COSWriter.visitFromName(COSName obj)
          visitFromName method comment.
 Object COSWriter.visitFromNull(COSNull obj)
          visitFromNull method comment.
 Object COSWriter.visitFromStream(COSStream obj)
          visitFromStream method comment.
 Object COSWriter.visitFromString(COSString obj)
          visitFromString method comment.
 void COSWriter.write(COSDocument doc)
          This will write the pdf document.
 void COSWriter.write(PDDocument doc)
          This will write the pdf document.
 void COSWriter.writeReference(COSBase obj)
          visitFromObjRef method comment.

Uses of COSVisitorException in org.apache.pdfbox.pdmodel

Methods in org.apache.pdfbox.pdmodel that throw COSVisitorException
 void output)
          This will save the document to an output stream.
 void fileName)
          This will save this document to the filesystem.

Uses of COSVisitorException in org.apache.pdfbox.pdmodel.common

Methods in org.apache.pdfbox.pdmodel.common that throw COSVisitorException
 Object COSStreamArray.accept(ICOSVisitor visitor)
          visitor pattern double dispatch method.

Uses of COSVisitorException in org.apache.pdfbox.pdmodel.fdf

Methods in org.apache.pdfbox.pdmodel.fdf that throw COSVisitorException
 void fileName)
          This will save this document to the filesystem.
 void output)
          This will save the document to an output stream.
 void fileName)
          This will save this document to the filesystem.
 void FDFDocument.saveXFDF(File fileName)
          This will save this document to the filesystem.
 void FDFDocument.saveXFDF(String fileName)
          This will save this document to the filesystem.
 void FDFDocument.saveXFDF(Writer output)
          This will save the document to an output stream and close the stream.

Uses of COSVisitorException in org.apache.pdfbox.util

Methods in org.apache.pdfbox.util that throw COSVisitorException
 void PDFMergerUtility.mergeDocuments()
          Merge the list of source documents, saving the result in the destination file.

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